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My Top 5 Session IPAs

First, I want to clarify that I'm going to allow some lower ABV Pales in this list. This is just for the sake of having a few more options. ABVs are all under 5%. Also, since I live in the Midwest my beer options are limited.

1. Surly Xtra-Citra

This beer has an ABV of 4.5%, but tastes like it's a bit higher.  It has a fairly significant malt flavor considering that. The Citra hops give it a lot of fruit flavor.  This beer tastes perfect at about 11:30 AM on a hot Saturday.

2. Stone Go To IPA

I was blown away by the how full of a flavor this beer had.  It was number one on my list for a long time, but then Surly over took it because of the cheaper price tag and my love of Citra. This is at 4.5% ABV.

3. Founders All Day IPA

This beer has the intention of keeping you drinking it all day. Hence the name. I am not positive, but I feel like this is one of the first of the style.

4. Ballast Point Even Keel

This beer sits at 3.8%.  Tons of flavor for that low. They make good beer. Too bad they sold out.

5. Lakefront Extended Play

ABV of 4.3%. The flavor fades a bit quick, but again it's a super refreshing beer on a hot day. I love this brewery.

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