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Newest Updates to the Brewzeit App

We just released a new version of the app for both iOS and Android. This newest version includes a brand new place search page for finding bars, restaurants, and liquor stores a lot quicker. By default, the page lists all places in alphabetical order, but if you have your location sharing enabled, it will re-sort by proximity. 

Another new feature is the "View Similar" button on the beer page. This button will bring you to a page that shows other beers by that brewery on top and then lists beers from the same style below. We hope to add some more logic to make this a list of more personalized recommendations.

We also increased the size of the images in the feeds. They now extend to the side edges of the container and the max-height was removed. We don't want to mess with your composition.

Special update just for Android! You can now take photos from the share page in the app, rather than just using the gallery. Sorry that took so long....

Enjoy and let us know if you have any feedback... positive or negative. If positive, leave a review in your appropriate App store. 👍🍺

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