About Brewzeit

Brewzeit, short for Brewzeitgeist, was created by a craft beer lover who wanted to see what other beer drinkers were enjoying at the same time, but from all around the world. It started as a website, turned into an app, and recently a blog platform was added for any user to publish their own content. It is our goal that users will embrace Brewzeit to share beers they love (or hate), enjoy reading beer-related content, and create it as well.

Brewzeit loves beer. This platform was built out of love for it. We take pride that we haven't compromised any part of it for money. And we hope to keep it that way. In our dream, this platform could provide some sort of monetary compensation for the thousands of hours put in, but not at the expense of our loyalty to beer drinkers or by compromising our product. Brewzeit was developed by 1 person, but with the help of many others. It started as a community and it will be always be that.

Beer descriptions and ingredients have been taken from the official brewery sites and homebrew supply sites. Brewzeit does not claim the information to be its own and will graciously remove any content requested by the original distributor. It is our goal that brewzeit can become a fun, insightful resource for other beer lovers.

Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]