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Stone Ripper West-Coast Pale

I have been loving Pale Ales lately. Nice medium ABV, a bit more balanced and trending on the hoppy side make them delicious and easy to drink a few in a session. Stone Brewing was just delivered to my home town so I've been shopping their selection.

I've had their IPA and they're Delicious IPA fairly recently so I wanted to try something new. I opted for Tangerine Express IPA and Ripper.  I'm loving this Ripper Pale. At 5.7%, and brewed with Cascade and Galaxy hops, this beer has a bit of Aussie spice and a ton of citrus.

Although Stone earned most of its reputation from its Arrogant Bastard Strong Ale, they dominate the West Coast with their take on hoppy beers. Living in the Midwest deprives me of a lot of West Coast beers until their distribution gets kicked up, but we are seeing brews come every month.  I, for one, am super happy with the trend.  Let's just make sure they get shipped out soon so the beer is as fresh as possible. Ripper has tasted fresh from the tap and from the can.  This could become my go-to Saturday afternoon beer.

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