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All Homebrewers Need a Homebrewing Mentor!

Greetings Brewzeit friends! I've been wanting to write some type of blog entry to throw some support for Team Brewzeit as they have been a vocal and consistent supporter of my show, Pints and Puzzles Podcast! 

Honestly I wasn't sure what to write about, but likely future posts will be very similar to the beer review section of my show, short sweet and one man's opinion.

On to the post itself... I wanted to bring up something I've noticed in the home brewing community. I'm still relatively new to home brewing, and have moderate success rate with the beers. I'm also one of those people who "Googles" and "YouTubes" everything. However, I've noticed one underused area of the internet OTHER HOME BREWERS. 

I've been fortunate enough to have a few people I can talk to about home brewing issues, and unlike most other areas of life, they are more than willing to help! 

Home brewing to me has always been a little Mr Wizard and a lot MacGuyver and, to me at least, people who home brew like experimenting and take pride in little tricks or rigs that have worked for them. Additionally, they all seem to want to know the "why" if a batch (or three in my case) do not work.

It's this slightly curious, slightly educational personality trait that I believe make other home brewers approachable. 

So "pro tip", if you are starting out home brewing, or if you are experienced and want to bounce an idea off of someone, reach out! Adopt a home brew mentor, (even if they don't know it HA)! As much as I feel like I annoy people with questions, they still are willing to answer and connect. Who knows all of these little bits might come in handy some day!

With social media like Twitter, Facebook, and yes even Brewzeit, at our fingertips there's always someone close by even if they aren't in your own house or neighborhood!

That's it for now... don't forget to listen to Pints and Puzzles on your podcast catcher of choice!




Thanks for the post. I agree with you 100%. Find someone who is good at home brewing and ask questions. Join the local home brewing club or even go to your local craft brewery and ask the brewers themselves. Tons of knowledge and experience is probably just a walking distance away.
Alex Dixon - July 27, 2017

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