Top 5 Beers for Tippy Cup

Tippy Cup, Flip Cup, whatever you call it, it doesn't really matter. What does matter is the perfect malt beverage to elevate your game and help you lead your team to victory. Too much carbonation and your belly will swell. Too much alcohol and your vision will blur. Drinking the perfect beer is all too often underestimated and if you fail to do this, you might as well sit out the next round.

1. Coors Light

ABV: 4.2% - Light Lager

This classic lager that offers a clean finish even from a red solo cup that doesn't distract you from your task at hand; flipping a cup.

2. Miller Lite

ABV: 4.2% - Light Lager

With less calories and carbs than most other adjunct lagers, Miller Lite is a safe bet for the long all-night Flip sessions because it won't fill you up as fast.

3. Michelob Golden Light

ABV: 4.3% - American Domestic

One of the better tasting adjunct lagers. But it might have too much flavor. It almost tastes like beer. I want my tippy beer to taste and go down as much like water as possible.

4. Budweiser Bud Light

ABV: 4.2% - Light Lager

This is my least favorite of the adjunct lagers. However, it belongs somewhere on the list. This is usually the beer that my friends bring so getting along with it is a must.

5. Coors Keystone Light

ABV: 4.2% - Lager

Much like a sh*ttier Coors Light, this beer is great because you aren't worried about going through a whole case in the matter of an hour or two, which isn't uncommon.