Samuel Adams Rebel Juiced IPA (IPA)

"Mango juiced IPA. Was hoping to find Rebel Reborn. Pretty good though."

Alex Dixon with Patti Finneman - February 2017 from Bottle Barn Liquors near Fargo, North Dakota

Cheers from Brant Baker and Kevin Zavoral


"That looks tasty."

Brant Baker - February 2017

"New rebel formula? I'm gonna have to pick up some rebel so I can compare it when the new stuff shows up."

Brant Baker - February 2017

"Yeah, this is pretty good. New stuff has mosaic and some proprietary hops."

Alex Dixon - February 2017

"Nerds 😂😂😂"

Tyler Pearson - February 2017

"Sadly, that's about as exciting as it gets for some of us."

Brant Baker - February 2017