Boulevard Hibiscus Gose (Gose)

"Perfect for a fall day! I love it, Scott is not as big of s fan."

Laura Strand with Scott Strand - September 2016 from Wurst Bier Hall

Cheers from Alex Dixon, Scott Strand and Patrick Dixon


"Never had a Gose. Not sure if i would enjoy it or not."

Alex Dixon - September 2016

"I love gose; just got some for the weekend"

Patrick Dixon - September 2016

"I love the tart/sour taste of Gose & I've started seeing it around at more places. I wish I was having a Gose right now!"

Laura Strand - September 2016

"The guy at happy Harry's talked me into trying a spiced pumpkin gose. Dear god what have I done!?"

Patrick Dixon - September 2016