Sickies Garage Burgers & Brews, Fiechtner Drive South, Fargo, ND, United States

3 out of 5 - Based on 1 review

Sickies Garage Burgers and Brews is a North Dakota grown, award-winning restaurant offering a wild variety of freshly made extreme burger creations and craft beer pairings. Founded during 2014 in Fargo, ND, Sickies Garage now has 5 locations across North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota. Open 7 days a week. Sickies Garage - 50 Burgers, 50 Brews and More.

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"The food isn't as good as who they are trying to copy, but a great beer selection. If you do eat a burger, less ingredients is the way to go...."

- April 2016