Plzeňský Prazdroj (aka Pilsner Urquell) Pilsner Urauell (Pilsner)

"Greatest beer ever created. Didn’t think it could get any better until I found a 4 pack of specialty cans jammed into a collectors (me) lunchbox. Christmas done arrive-th 2 months early for this guy."

Kevin Zavoral - Aroma: 5 out of 5 - Flavor: 5 out of 5 - October 2017 from Bottle Barn Liquors near Fargo, North Dakota

Cheers from Jon Halvorson and Alex Dixon


"One of my faves! And it's not expensive either...well done sir!"

Jon Halvorson - October 2017

"CHEERS CHEERS CHEERS! $12 for the 4 pack + lunchbox. I might go back & buy em out..."

Kevin Zavoral - October 2017