Blue Point Brewing Company Hoptical Illusion (East Coast IPA)

"Haven't had too many east coast style but I think I prefer west coast style. Like I prefer my '90s rap. Westside!! Right, Jake?"

Brant Baker with Jake Parsons - May 2017 from Cash Wise Liquor - Fargo

Cheers from Alex Dixon and Tyler Pearson


"Bonus! When you click on this post you get to see the ?interesting? purple bottle cap color of this beer."

Brant Baker - May 2017

"B-rant is the lick, Blue Point is the click. Can't get enough of that gangsta shit!"

Jake Parsons - May 2017

"Obviously, Jake is the shit. I can't keep up with his hits. But this is this is the best from one beatnick."

Brant Baker - May 2017