Georgetown Brewing Bohdistava (American IPA)

"If you put mothers milk, your fondest childhood memories, the sensation of your first kiss and the embrace of a lover together in a bottle, you would get the Bohdistava IPA. This shit cures cancer it's so good. Quite a surprise is this shitty Hotel bar in Tukwilla, WA..."

D Halvorson - January 2017 from O'Beer Pub near Seattle, Washington

Cheers from Jon Halvorson and Kevin Zavoral


"Aren't you suppose to be watching middle school girls soccer right about now?"

Kirk Halvorson - January 2017

"Technically I had it last night"

D Halvorson - January 2017

"What are the odds. I have been there too. I believe there were a few decent beers at that time."

Alex Dixon - January 2017