Oakshire Brewing Overcast Espresso Stout (Oatmeal Stout)

"It's a stout beer. I don't generally like stouts. However this one is different... no wait...it's the same as any other Stout. Taste like dirt and oatmeal. I'm still going to drink it because I can. And I'm a man."

D Halvorson - December 2016 near Bend, Oregon

Cheers from Kirk Halvorson, Kevin Zavoral, Michael Smith and Jon Halvorson


"That's not just any stout, it's an expresso stout... not sure anyone else makes it like that."

Kirk Halvorson - December 2016

"Pro tip: A Stout *can* double as welder's mask, in a pinch. Hold pint in front of face. Weld."

Kevin Zavoral - December 2016