Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale (Ale)

"Perfect companion while I wait for the grill to heat up...and my wife to come home. Beer courtesy of Tony (I think... It randomly appeared in my fridge)."

Sweaty Masterson with Anthony Nelson - August 2014 from I'm at home.

Cheers from Alex Dixon


"That was problem mine actually. Tony doesn't buy beer that costs more than 40 cents a can. I love that beer by way...."

Alex Dixon - August 2014

"You bought me beer and placed it in my fridge while I was away? How creepily thoughtful. This is great beer. Might be hard not to drink the whole 6-pack tonight."

Sweaty Masterson - August 2014

"I feel like I bought it and left it at Tony's. Then he brought it to your place...."

Alex Dixon - August 2014

"I did put that there! Alex left Coors Light at my house."

Anthony D. Nelson - August 2014

"That makes sense. Alex loves Coors Light. Thanks Tony!"

Sweaty Masterson - August 2014

"I don't mind it.... I still think that was mine though."

Alex Dixon - August 2014