Miller High Life Light (Light Lager)

"Finally relaxin"

Todd Carlson - June 2014 from Osakis

Cheers from Alex Dixon and Sweaty Masterson


"That looks glorious."

Alex Dixon - June 2014

"Todd, you need to quit drinking light beer. The full flavor and calories will complement the 5 gallon jug of protein powder."

Anthony D. Nelson - June 2014

"Highlife? Isn't that what kings drink?"

Mike Harlan - June 2014

"I need one of those. Alex yelled at me while you were gone."

Sweaty Masterson - June 2014

"Alex! Be nice to Ben"

Todd Carlson - June 2014

"Todd, when you're gone Alex swaggers over to Ben and I like he owns the place. Constantly make us do more work. We need someone to stick up for us. Just kidding, we blamed everything on you."

Dillon Brown - June 2014